Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tell or Not to Sell - That is the Question

As an antiques lover and an antiques dealer, I often find good pieces to sell.The problem is, I often love these pieces and have a difficult time selling them.

Such is the case this week. I found two small-ish occasional tables of distinctly different styles, yet with equal "love-ability". I had committed to the idea that I was gonna sell these; I purchased them with the intent to sell. There was really no question.......

......that is, until my family chimed in.

As I was setting up attractive vignettes to showcase these tables, my family would walk by and say how nice it looked. What is interesting and unusual about these comments is that they were coming from a 10-year-old girl, a husband who hates when I drag home more stuff that ends up in our house and 6-year-old rough-and-tumbly boy!! Since when do they compliment me on my purchases and creative decorating? They never do this!

They were suddenly involved in my work, supporting my creative energies, complimenting what I was doing..... I was all a twitter. Then I thought, maybe I shouldn't sell these tables. They are just too cool and the vignettes I made work so nicely.

But wait, I bought them with the sole intention of resale, so that is what I shall do. I will sell them

....I think

.....YES - I WILL


If you, like my family, like these tables you can purchase them from my store.

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