Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Virtual Food Drive

As I made my daily Starbucks run, I was listening the radio. There was an interview with a person from the Greater Chicago Food Depository. They were talking about the need for donations, particularly in today's economy. Apparently more people are turning to soup kitchens and food depositories for help; people you wouldn't expect, even those with college degrees.

Here are some stats from the Greater Chicago Food Depository:

  • Thirty-nine % of the households who receive food from the Food Depository include at least one employed adult
  • About 33 % of the people the Food Depository serves are children under 18
  • 10 % of study respondents were 65 and older
  • 25 % of households served have at least one family member in poor health
  • 22 % of clients surveyed live in the suburbs
  • 10 % own the place where they live
  • 9 % of clients are homeless

In the past my daughter and I would do a door-to-door food drive in our neighborhood that I would then take to a local food pantry. As the kids have gotten older, life has taken me in every other direction and we have gotten away from that tradition – it’s time to return course.

So I have decided to hold a Virtual Food Drive with Greater Chicago Food Depository (a charter member of America's Second Harvest national food bank network). You can:

  • donate whatever you want
  • spend however much you want
  • you don't even have to leave the comfort of your desk chair!
  • it's tax deductible!

Food Drive - Click Here

When you click on the link, you will be taken to a secure server where you can shop for the foods you want to donate. You money goes a long way because the The Greater Chicago Food Depository gets a special rate on the items you select; your money goes farther with this process that it would if you shopped for the food yourself.

So if you, like me, have a very crazy life, but long to help others, together,let's get out the virtual wheelbarrow... please consider donating to the Greater Chicago Food Depository with me. Tis the season.

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