Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Something for Free – Really!

Give-Aways – Getting Something for Free – Really!

FineLine Antiques is Announcing it's First Ever Give-Away!

I just learned about this online phenomenon called “Give-Aways” in which many online stores and blogs participate. Give-Aways are essentially akin to entering a contest or drawing in order to win a prize. But instead of getting a ticket to be placed in a hat to be drawn at said time, you have to enter an electronic comment to be added to the drawing. Many Giveaways ask that you go to a particular website (usually the Sponsor’s site) and find a favorite item. Then you are to come back to giveaway website, log in to a special form and post your favorite item along with some comments. When the contest time is up, a winner is drawn randomly from all entrants and the prize is awarded.

Online stores host it’s giveaways (like Martha Stewart Living used to do), blogs may offer a giveaways, and there are even websites that specialize in running giveaways. Bottom line for you is that you get a chance to get something for free. Well almost free, really all you pay is your time to peruse a cool website.

Sounds like fun…. So, my first foray into this is on a giveaway website called www.the-giveaway.com. FineLine Antiques’ giveaway starts today and runs until November 20th.

The winner gets a $25 gift certificate to www.fineline-antiques.com.

So head on over to the-giveaway and enter!

Be sure to tell your friends!!

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