Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pen Names

My daughter has been really inspired this year to read high-level books (think the Hobbit), to do creative writing, and to creative funny and inspirational posters.

Last evening over dinner, I was telling her I would set up a blog for her to start storing her short stories and other creative works.
(She makes posters for her teacher to hang in the classroom - I am not sure where she got this art, so I don't know to whom to give credit. if it is yours, comment and I will attribute it to you) .
However, she is young and she is my daughter, so I don't want to put any personal information out there, particularly her name. So we talked about a pen name. I asked he to come up with a pen name that reflects something about herself with out being too personal. While she was hhhmmming and haw-ing, her 6-year-old brother shouted out, "Mrs. Um Um Like".

He was dead on. As a 10-year-old girl (who seems more like a 13-year-old),
she has a difficult time explaining things or verbally telling a story orally without every other word being "Um" or "Like". Her brother was brilliant when he said her pen name should be Mrs. Um Um Like.

I think we may keep it.

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