Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today is a Mama's Brag Blog.

Yesterday, my 6-year-old son's 1st grade class played pictionary. The catch was that they had to use the site words that were on the wall of their classroom. Naturally, at that age, the words are short and quite simple, like "it" "of" "on" "by" etc.

Well my son had to visually depict the word "or". Where do you start on trying to draw this? As a 41-year-old, somewhat creative adult, I would be at a total loss.

His solution.......draw a line with an arrow at each end.

Simple yet abstract, creative and wonderfully brilliant!!

Perhaps I may not be the most creative person I know (see blog about Creativity), but the next best thing is my offspring are proving to be very creative!

Proud Mama!

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