Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Globes

Vintage globes have such a depth to them.
With one fell swoop they add charm, nostalgia, intelligence, movement, color, height & depth, and plenty of interest.

There are several types of globes, but the most common types are the terrestrial globes (earth/land globe) and celestial globes (stars in the sky). A terrestrial globe is what we all usually think of when we think of globes with a predominantly aqua color (since the earth is over 70% water) and various shapes of other colors. A celestial globe tends to be in darker tones to represent the nights sky and show all of the positions of the stars and constellations.

(In case you were wondering the final type of globe is a virtual globe but as this is viewed on a computer, it has no place in vintage d├ęcor!)

As globes are quite collectible you might want to find out the age of your globe. This a a fantastic sight to visit to do just that. I used this site and found my globe to be ca. 1991. Boy, 1991 seems like yesterday, but it was 21 years ago. Sheez!

Here are a few ideas for how to display and honor your vintage globe.

1. Put them on a table or bookshelf amongst books of all types.

2. Add to a display atop a large wardrobe or cabinet.


3. Who says they have to sit on a table??!

4. Group them for maximum impact.

5. Create something new and unusual. I like the idea of unusual displays.


Do you have a unique way to show off or use your globe(s)? Leave a comment and link and share your creativity!

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