Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Na-Da Farm Barn Sale


This last weekend we did the Na-Da Farm Barn Sale in Esmond, IL.

Na-Da was our first show of this kind. We have done Antiques Fairs and had antiques booths in shops, but nothing like this gorgeously styled event. It was a joy and a pleasure to be part of the whole thing. Then top it all off with amazing weather! WOW! 

Anne Marie & Jason Klaske and their family hosted the event and could not have been more welcoming and gracious. It was our first time meeting, yet they treated us like family and did all they could to make sure we were comfortable (was a hot weekend).

Since this was our first time at this event, I was busy "working" and didnt really take time to get good photos of all the delightful and inspiring booths! But I know others got great photos and you can see some on their blogs. 

(A special thanks to Jennifer Rizzo for her tips and suggestions to make the sale in our section a success as well as make us feel utterly welcome!)
I am sure there will be others posting pics as well, so you can google Na-Da Farm and surely find more. It truly was a feast for the eyes!

The last 30 minutes of the sale I took a seat on a couch in the barn and just relaxed for a moment. I sat with my arm along the top edge of the couch and just relaxed. Here is the view I enjoyed. This was the entrance to the barn.

Well I enjoyed it so much that before I knew it my arm actually fell asleep. I must have been sitting there 15 minutes or more marveling at the simple beauty of this scene. This photo has now become one of my all time favorites. I will look at it any time I am feeling any sort of stress; it calms me instantly.

The Na-Da Farm Barn Sale was such an amazing experience for us all around that we hope to be back again for the Fall event, hopefully we will see you there in the Fall. In the meantime, please be sure to find us next at 3 French Hens Market in Morris, IL on June 9th from 8:00 - 2:00.

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