Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid Week Treasures

I know that many antiques/style blogs have some sort of a weekly posting of recent finds. They are usually on Fridays and are titled "Fridays Finds" or something like that.

My reality, however,  is that I am a mom who drives carpool both ways on Fridays. Fridays are not good shopping days for me since it usually takes me a day or two to clear it out of the back of the car. So I am gonna post my finds as I find them.

Today is an absolutely glorious day in the far western Chicago suburbs. Great day for all thew windows down, the sunroof open and tunes blastin'! Its gotta be about 75 degrees, no humidity and very few clouds. Just perfect! So today was a shopping day for me.

I am so excited about my finds many possibilities. They don't necessarily work together as a unit, but they will work in other vignettes I have planned for the 3 French Hens Market next month.

I love this white metal table. I wonder the history? I imagine it as something with a medical background, but not for sure. 

The wooden wash table is something I have been coveting for years in various antiques stores. We shall see if I ever do sell it or if it will continue to dwell with me.

The tall glass cloche type jar with glass lid is really piquing my creativity, perhaps too much as I cannot decide exactly what to do with it! Yikes. 

Finally the book is just darling. It is a 1911 book entitled "Daudet's Tartarin de Tarascon". I bought this book for my mom's Guest House near Round Top in Texas. (Click here if you would like to see the guest house called Petite Maison) The house has a French theme. I told her she needs some antique French books in the house for the guests to peruse. As its not easy to find French books in America, imagine my excitement. I shall mail it to her today!

I am sharing this "Mid Week Treasures" post with the linky party at A Ruffled Nest - check out her site, it is A-MAZING! 


A Ruffled Nest said...

Your finds are amazing. I know what you mean about taking the time to post about everything you find! Where are you going to be at at the 3 French Hens? I did really well there last month. I am not going to be there this month because of my grand opening , but it is a fun market to do.
Thanks for joining Friday Pretties

Vintage Home said...

wow thanks for sharing! I am crazy for all your pieces...the wash stand is adorable and in such great shape...Keep it!...for now!

allisamazing said...

What great finds!