Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dogs – ah, Dogsadd to kirtsy

What could be better than the love of a dog? Really, who greets you at the door every time you come home - and with such Fanfare! You would think you were the newly won president. Who faithfully follows you from room to room just to be near you? Who listens to everything you say, even as you drone on and on about that annoying co-worker?

Why do I love dogs, particularly my own?

Because dogs…..

1. Live in the Moment
They usually don’t worry much about the fact that 10 minutes ago you were yelling at them for spilling their water. “Sure it unpleasant to have you my beloved yell at me, but I got over it, I’ve moved on. Lets play fetch!” They live in the moment of now, not what happened 10 minutes ago and not what is going to happen in 10 minutes.

2. Love Unconditionally
Dogs love you no matter what. If you work a lot and you must crate your dog often and cannot spend much time with your dog, you will feel guilty, but your dog will love you no matter what. He will always be excited to see you when you get home, no matter how long he’s been in the crate and will not hold any sort of grudge or put conditions on his love.

3. Are Loyal Beyond Match
Trust me, your dog will always side with you when you fight with someone. Just watch your dog’s reaction when you raise your voice in a stern and serious manner towards someone else! Or if you are sick or crying, your dog will always sense something is wrong and be right by your side. Faithful.

4. Exhibit Uninhibited Passion for Life
  • Have you ever seen a dog bark at the wind?
  • Have you ever seen a dog chase its tail?
  • Have you ever seen a dog swing a dirty sock to and fro with a gleeful look in his/her eye?
  • Have you ever seen a dog that knows that since the leash is out, it must mean he gets to go on a walk?

This is Mojo, my sweetheart. About 6 months after I had to put my first dog to sleep, Mojo came into my life.

My first dog was old, sick and on subcutaneous fluids and oral medications every. She just no longer had her zest - her uninhibited passion for life. So the time came to put her down; that was a low like I had never felt before. Making the decision to end the life of a living creature, a member of our family, tore me in half.

After a time of grieving, I longed for another dog. When I say I longed for one, I mean I felt it deeply in my soul. I didn’t just want a dog; I needed a dog. I love having something or someone whom I can lavish with affection at my whim!!

First, though, I had to convince my husband that a new dog was a good idea. First of all his heart was broken too. But he also did not want the responsibility (financial, logistical and emotional) of another living creature under our roof. It took many weeks of showing him dogs online before I could even get him to respond to my showings. After many weeks, I found a Dalmatian that I really wanted to see, and I finally got him to agree to just “go see” the dog. I am not sure how I talked him into it, but I did. However, as fate would have it, it didn’t work out.

A few more weeks went by and then I saw him. Tigger was this darling, brindle-colored, 3-month-old, “lab mix". He just stole my heart! I simply had to see him; had to meet him; had to hold him; had to have him. I was able to convince my husband to just “go see” the puppy. We walked into the room and Tigger bounced all around so happy to see us and eager to get to know us. He was full of that boundless puppy energy and loving dog spirit. I looked at the dog and fell in love; I looked at my husband, and fell in love with him all over again. I knew he was a goner; he too fell head over heals for Tigger.

We took Tigger home that night and began thinking of a name. It didn’t take long for us to come up with Mojo. Our last dog was named after a Los Lobos song, so this dog should be named after a song. My husband loves blues music and I just loved the word Mojo and how it rolled off the tongue and was almost a guttural sound. So Mojo it was, Tigger had a new name. A name more suited to a proud, strong and athletic dog ("Tigger" was just too silly and wimpy).

Well Mojo has proven to be the best dog ever and a wonderful daily companion for me. He lets me hug him and kiss him all the time. I reward his loyalty with daily controlled walks off leash in a safe open area and getting to ride shot gun with me on my early morning Starbucks runs. We have great trust in one another, love each other immensely and I think we both feel lucky to have found each other.

Dog Stuff
As a testament to my love of dogs, I decided to create a category in my online store for all things Vintage Dog. There are still many things I have yet to add, but here are a few recent highlights. You can view the whole evolving collection at

Many dog lovers love Scotty dogs, so I have a few tributes to the Scotty in my shop like this Bakelite black Scotty dog brooch.

Others are fanatics for Terriers. I have a few Airedale Terrier items like this vintage bisque wall hanging of a gorgeous Airedale Terrier. This wall hanging has fantastic detailing and is quite beautiful.

Then there is the quintessentially perfect companion dog, Lassie. I have recently added a vintage children's book called Lassie Finds a Friend. Who could be more loyal?

Another great place for a dog lover to shop is on Here are some of my recent favorite finds there.

I actually purchased this precious “Vintage Labrador Retriever Vizsla Dog Pendant” and I adore it! It is a wonderful charcoal sketch of a Labrador Retriever taken from a 1934 postcard. There are more avaialable for sale at

Check this one out, this is great! A very stylish and sophisticated sweater for a big dog. Not a hokey "purse-dog" sweater with ruffles and fru fru. A handsome sweater for a proud dog. This can be purchased at

Last but not least.....If you love dogs, what about this precious, yet heartbreaking, art print of a shelter dog. Each print from this seller is numbered in limited edition of 100 and hand signed by the artist and 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the local animal shelter. You can buy this and other like prints at

I will close with a great dog quote:
“Today I sniffed many dogs’ behinds. I celebrate by kissing your face.” --Author Unknown


Cindy and Matt said...

Great post - you've really conveyed the joy of living with a dog and Mojo is one lucky boy. Thanks so much for mentioning my shop in your post.

Head Noodler said...

Your Mojo sounds so much like my rescue, Max who's first name was Scoochies. (Talk about wimpy!) In fact, he taught me so much that I wrote an inspirational book about him called "Life to the Max: Maxims for a Great Life by a Dog named Max." As much as you understand about the nature of dogs, I think you'd enjoy it. If you want to check it out, go to

Cara Mia said...

thanks for joining the vintage ring! i'm a dog lover as well and have a weimeraner and jack russel.

your blog is wonderful, great writing!

cara mia