Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If you look through all the fashion blogs, magazines and online articles you will notice several strong trends for Spring of 2012: Deco Influences, Sports Influences, Peplums and Classic Pretty Pastels.

Many designers are reaching back to the classics, refreshing pastel pallet. Calvin Klein Collection, Carolina Herrera, Erdem, Ralph Lauren, Alice + Olivia, J. Crew and Louis Vuitton just to name a few of the bigger names spearheading this trend.

I cannot afford the like of any of those designers, I can barely even afford the likes of The Gap or Target, so I am always on the lookout for great ways to get a stylish look for less money.

I find that vintage clothes are really the way to go in terms of value; not only are they usually well-priced, they are often very well made. Additionally, you can rest assured of your individuality - You will not yourself coming and going like you do with all the clothes from the big box stores.

At Lucys Closet Vintage, we take notice of the latest trends and seek out fashions that speak to those trends. Right now, we have several confectionery pastel clothing items that will fit well into your budget and style. Beyond the pastels trend, we have many other interesting items from Tribal Chic jewelry, to cheeky wooden platform shoes, to mid-century dresses and more.

Stop by soon and see what's new!

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