Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Vacation for Mommy!

The kids are back in school. As much as I love them, this is always wonderful time of year for me…..its like Summer Vacation for Mommy! I climb out of the "Mom" role for a few hours each day and crawl down to my "Lair"!

My “Lair” is the basement of my house out of which I run my business. It is also where I warehouse all the stuff I sell. It is called the “Lair” because it beckons to all who love vintage. Once they get down into it, it is a dangerous place; way too many goodies to pass any up and way too many things make it difficult to walk! I would guess that I have only about 1-2% of my "Lair" merchandise listed on my sites.

I have headed back down to the “Lair” and started to organize (though it does not look organized in the photo!) and plan new merchandise listings. I hope to start photographing and loading items in my shops as soon as possible. Please check my shop often to see what new goodies have surfaced from my “Lair”. I very much look forward to updating my shops, promoting my shops and selling lots of cool vintage stuff!

Also newsworthy, I have joined an esty team vmteam Vintage Market Team. This is a team of etsy shop owners who
also sell vintage items. Check out their site and see what other vintage items you can discover! It really is a great, condensed source of funky, retro, antique, vintage stuff… If you like vintage, this is nirvana!

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