Friday, September 18, 2009

Mad Men Part 1- Fashion Flurry

Mad Men This! Mad Men That!

What is all the fuss about? I wondered what all the fuss was about for the hit show Mad Men on AMC. Was it great writing? Was it great acting? Was it thought-provoking plots? Was it great characters? Was it sex appeal? Was it the historically accurate style and fashions of the early 1960s?

Well the continued and increasing success of the show, as well as the growing cult-like following can be attributed to all of these characteristics. But the one characteristic that stands out above all others: the historically-accurate style and fashions.

There is a huge flurry of activity and energy spent on watching and emulating the styles and fashions of the early 1960s. People across the country gather and have viewing parties where they dress in fashions of the period and drink the fashionable cocktails of the day as they watch the show. Mad Men's season premiere for the 3rd season will air Sunday, September 20, 2009. Surely there will be a frenzy as people anticipate the show.

Well there is much to be said for the men’s fashions of this time and how they are portrayed on this show. But I am going to focus on the ladies fashions.The styles from this time had much diversity so many different body types and personalities could be fashionable during this time. There are three main female characters that people really enjoy trying to emulate. Joan Holloway, Peggy Olson, and Betty Draper.

Joan Holloway - Bombshell.

Her signature style features lots of body-hugging dresses that show every last curve.

She is not afraid of bold colors a and lots of accessories that accentuate her “gifts” such as bows/ruffles/buckles, pins and her signature pen necklace that falls in just the right “valley”.

She likes all strategically placed details and accessories that bring attention to her assets.

Body-Hugging Green Dress is a Vintage I Magnin Knit Dress can be found here.

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Peggy Olson - Girl Next Door/School Girl.

Blue and white checked vintage dress can be found here.

Vintage classic black wiggle dress with side buttons can be found here.

Her signature style is anything that does show too much of her body.

She is new to this fast-paced world and is cautious in the way she dresses.

She is drawn towards lots of buttons, full a-line skirts, classic school girl sweaters, suit set, bows, peter pan collars, etc.

Understates and earthly colors are her preference as she shies away from bold colors; she is not sure of herself.

Betty Draper - "Perfect" Executive Wife.

Her signature style is classy country club chic.

Everything she wears and how she presents herself is perfect with a capital “P”.

She has a real Grace Kelly royalty and sensibility.

She is drawn to light colors like whites and pastels. When she goes for richer colors she often gravitates towards blues.

Everything about her look is about making an impression of perfection.

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Since Mad Men's premiere is tonight, it is too late to get your outfit for this episode. But it is never too late to think about next week's episode! Host your own viewing party next week. Pick your favorite character and get your own look. Then check back later in the week for Mad Men home and office fashions.

Get the Joan Holloway Look here.

Get the Peggy Olson Look here or here.

Get the Betty Draper Look here.

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